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What People Are Saying

Kirsty Smith
04:11 16 Jun 22
Cherise-Maree Wood
20:56 09 Jun 22
Latoya Betham
07:58 19 May 22
Been at ducklands for 6 months and it’s been amazing! This boutique style swim school genuinely cares about the babies and helping their learning and development! Really good education around pool safety! And the team are amazing, so friendly!!! We love our swimming days!
Alka Singh
04:04 08 Jan 22
We really like Duckland Swim School for our 8-month-old. The facilities are clean and the pool is always a good temperature. We have been taking our son to lessons since he was around 6 weeks. Both him and I find the lessons fun and educational, Miss Natalie is a fantastic teacher! I Definetly recommend Duckland, especially for kids.
John Calder
13:09 20 Dec 21
Matt van Bilsen
00:40 30 Oct 21
Ms. Nemo and the team at duckland swim school are just fabulous! Friendly, accommodating & professional service with clean facilities. Booking and changing lessons are easy. 5 star service. Thankyou
Jean Harding
04:54 11 Sep 21
Ela Dorela Dani
23:48 27 Aug 21
An absolutely wonderful swim school!We approached Duckland after failures at 4 other swim schools as our 5 yr old son was totally terrified with water due to a swim lesson gone wrong at the first swim school.Ms. Nemo is an absolute gem in giving us all the encouragement and support, especially to our child, with all the patience and care. Our son was able to overcome this fear with continuous individualised attention and care by Ms. Nemo and her experienced staff including Ms. Chantelle, Ms. Hannah and Ms. Naomi. Our son was able to be comfortable in less then 3months and this has been a huge achievement for our son, and all the credit goes to Ms. Nemo snd her wonderful team. Our son has now advanced to the next stage of the swim class and we are delighted to see that.The school is at a convenient location with lots of parking space, the facilities are fabulous, neatly laid out, spacious and has a play area for kids. the staff are very welcoming, friendly, caring and homely. We also love those lovely and inspiring quotes that Ms. Nemo regularly writes on the white board at the school.I will highly recommend Duckland Swim School to any family who will like to have the best swim school snd instructors in Brisbane for their children.I also commend and thank Ms. Nemo and her Duckland Swim School team for all the hardwork and care they put in to ensure a safe and effective learning experience for the kids.I wish you all the very best.
Ravin Lal
20:59 17 Jul 21
My daughters have absolutely loved duckland! We had been to another swim school previously and they just were so bored after 5 minutes but the wonderful swim teachers at duckland had both my girls captivated and listening the whole time. I recommend this company to anyone who wants to support a fantastic & caring family owned swim school ❤
Jessica Butler
23:02 28 May 21
Kirsty Philpot
00:52 16 Apr 21
Very good swim school, staff is friendly, easy parking, multiple facilities for changing the young ones and showers
Sean Bradley
05:07 26 Mar 21
Our daughter has been going here for 6 months and we absolutely love it. Ms Naema is amazing at what she does, she is so attentive to the babies/children and so intune she is a brilliant instructor!! We definitely plan to keep bringing our daughter along.
Amber Marris
11:38 27 Jan 21
My child has been going here since 6 months old and she loves it and the teachers are really good and informative
Keats & Gridley
01:53 23 Jan 21
Kartik Kumar
01:43 20 Dec 20
The most caring and amazing swim school. The staff are caring for those who have children who have anxiety just like my boys. They are also very affordable for pricing. Definitely worth checking out. My boys will miss their swimming teachers.
Colleen Teong
18:44 24 Nov 20
Excellent training environment. Ms Naomi is great at instilling confidence in kids. Had Ms Abby and Ms Naeema (hope I got the names correct) also took some lessons for our daughter. All are capable instructors and great with kids.The pool is heated and raised. Plenty of places to sit, although near the pool there's limited spaces due to social distancing. It is regularly sanitzed and mopped to avoid incidents.There is a tiny play area for non swimming kids too.They also have a mini shop at the front to purchase swimming accessories and munchies.Overall we enjoy coming here, my daughter enjoys learning with them. I would recommend to anyone who has a child and is interested in swimming lessons for them.
Zaid Hakim
06:11 18 Oct 20
Krunal Berawala
23:46 31 Jul 20
Amazing swim school with top swimming teachers, look no further this team is the best.
Shell Shell
03:00 23 Jun 20
My kids went here for a short time, unfortunately, but it was an absolutely amazing experience for them, they learnt so much! I love the swim teachers as they recognize any obstacles that my kiddies faced and were opened to me about how they will do things and what they noticed my kids were good at and needed help with 😊 they are very patient 😊 my kids are a bit out there 😂 but the teachers were understanding of this and helped them learn in a fun way!!! I wish we didn't have to stop coming as we were looking forward to returning when everything opened 💔💔💔 Thank you all so much 😍😍 oh and if you ever have any questions Nemo is always happy to answer them so don't be scared to ask 😍😍 Thank you for helping us with their swimming 😍😍 we are definitely going to miss it!! 🌊🌊
Tamara Stehlin
09:09 30 May 20
Thank you soooo much to Miss Naomi & Nemo! My 3 year old was absolutely terrified of water to start with & you are so patient & giving him the water confidence to get over his fear. We appreciate all that you do & thank you for all your bubbliness & hard work. He really looks forward to his weekly lesson. To anyone looking for an excellent swim school please have trust in my review 🙂
Dianne Bulowski
08:48 23 Mar 20
Our son swims here twice a week, and has excelled since learning to swim with Miss Naomi and Miss Abby,A very happy and family friendly atmosphere, Small class sizes that gives the kids the one on one attention to ensure they dont get left behind,For those people with multiple childrenthe have a well equipped play pen that keep the kids busy when theyre not in the pool..
Brad Donald
01:25 11 Mar 20
Nemo and the team are wonderful, small groups means the kids get more time in the water learning, my kids have come a long way in such a small amount of time, excellent service and communication is top notch
Andrew Shannon
03:07 22 Feb 20
Fabulous teachers with attention to detail, using so much imagination and love during the lessons - my daughter was scared to go under water and to try to swim by herself- she is now a confident little fish in the water and can’t thank them enough! I can’t recommend them highly enough! Pool is very clean as well as facilities! Another bonus there is a huge fenced play area for little ones to play in!
Philine Matzner
20:21 16 Feb 20
Duckland swim school is amazing! All instructors are really professional and friendly. My daughter loves to go swim lessons. The facility is really clean. Highly recommended!!
20:20 21 Jan 20
Kyung Soo Park
11:03 20 Jan 20
Absolutely fantastic teachers! Very clean. Pool is lovely! My kids were all very beginner level at the start and I was so incredibly impressed with their progress in just a couple weeks! Definitely recommend this swim school!!!!
katie edie
05:43 18 Dec 19
Couldn't reccomend Duckland Swim school more highly! Such a friendly & welcoming environment. Miss Nemo and Miss Noami have been fantastic. Our 2yr old who only started in October has so much confidence in the water thanks to their patience, time and techniques. He just loves his swimming lessons!
N Carberry
04:49 14 Dec 19
Amazing staff and professional teachers. My son has improved so much in just one term and my 18 mth old loves being in the water and learning to swim. Kids play area an added bonus to keep kids busy while you get things sorted. Highly recommend Duckland Swim School for children's of all ages.
Davinder Sangha
05:33 04 Dec 19
Duckland swim school is amazing!! My daughter loves Miss Naomi and Miss Nemo! They have been incredibly patient and accommodating with our families needs and I can’t thank them enough. The facilities are fantastic, you get straight out of the pool with easy access to change tables and change rooms and before your class there is a kids area to play. My daughter had shown great progress and has so much fun and is very confident in the water now. I am incredibly happy with Duckland Swim school and can’t recommend it enough.
Chanelle Cash
01:21 21 Nov 19
Very good clean facility! Pool is impeccable all the time. The teachers and staff are lovely to deal with! Highly recommend!!!
Brad and Tina Austin
09:26 05 Nov 19
Staff are kind and attentive. Small classes means that my toddler was taken care of in a way that he progressed and fwlt confident in the pool and happy to be at swimming lessons. Ms Nemo and Ms Naomi are so kind and you can tell they love their jobs!
Sandy V
00:08 14 Oct 19
We love this swim school. Small class sizes with only one class in the pool makes for a fantastic learning environment. Miss Nemo is a lovely teacher and so good with the kids. Parking is easy, facilities are clean and there is a great play area for kids while they are waiting.
Amanda Gosling
05:03 13 Oct 19
I learned a lot of swimming techniques from my swimming instructor! Very professional and friendly! Thank you so much!
Queenie Kidpalos
09:44 20 Sep 19
Amazing swim school!!!I started my daughter here at just over 3 months old, because she loves water. She loves the school, the ladies here are so great with babies and welcoming. Cannot recommend enough
Nikylah Polley
07:38 18 Sep 19
could not recommend this school highly enough! Our daughters confidence and skills have come such a long way from when she first started. The teachers are so great, and this school has such a warm and welcoming environment to all their students and family. We love watching the classes week in and out and wouldn’t change for the world! The teachers really know how to connect with the kids, and the improvements and enthusiasm we see are a clear reflection on this.Facilities are great! Location is convenient, parking is always available. Timetables are very accomodating. If you are looking for a great school - this is the one!
Ash halli
12:20 07 Aug 19
We highly recommend Duckland, Miss Nemo and Miss Naomi have been so great with my son, they make swimming fun! The water is always a great temperature and with heating in change rooms it’s perfect all year long! Location is very easy to get too, and always plenty of parking(even on weekends).
Chelsea Clark
12:50 05 Aug 19
Claire Smith
11:57 25 Jul 19
01:45 21 Jul 19
Kirra Crozier
00:23 20 Jul 19
Family friendly swim school with excellent staff who really know how to connect with your child, make them feel safe and nurture them in their swimming skills. They also have an enclosed play area with plenty of toys for babies and toddlers which is super convenient when you have multiple children attending class at different times.The pool is heated and they even have heated towel racks! Individual change rooms are great for privacy and there's plenty of change tables for babies.Always prompt replies to all correspondence and easy to organize make up classes too. Highly recommend this swim school.
23:56 19 Jul 19
Nice and clean facility, friendly staffs!! Great for my lil one.
Sam Lu
11:19 19 Jul 19
Fantastic swim centre that takes great care of the kids! Our little girl feels so comfortable there and is learning quickly due to small classes. Highly recommend!
Rob Rogers
08:03 19 Jul 19
We love Duckland! Miss Naomi is great with our son, and I’ve seen so much improvement in him over the last few weeks. The location is also great. While other pools are kind of stuffy while you wait, Duckland has the pool fenced off and a great waiting and changing area. The water is always perfect temperature and the room air conditioned. Highly recommend.
Allyce & Jay Vandaal
07:40 19 Jul 19
So Glad I stumbled across Duckland swim school. My 2 boys have thrived here quickly with teaches who care about them and their swimming journey. The facilities are always spotlessly clean, warm throughout winter, (with heaters above the change tables) and the pool is warm for the kids. There is a great gated area for children to play, and the staff are so friendly and always happy to help with anything. The best swim school we have found.
Raquel Abrahams
00:26 22 Jun 19
5 star!Really clean and well thought out facilities, gated kids play area, lovely warm showers, plenty of change tables and change rooms, small class sizes and only one class at a time, great variety of toys and swim Aides, heaters on in winter, instructor gives clear instructions, the list goes on!The thing I like the most is walking in and being made to feel like family. My daughter took to the instructor and the owner right away, they are just wonderful!!!
N. Jarzynski
00:30 01 Jun 19
My son use to scream when I took him to lessons so we did a trial at duckland Hillcrest and he absolutely loves it. His swimming is improving weekly thanks to the wonderful instructors. Brand new pool and amazing clean change rooms and facilities.
Gai Harper
08:14 21 May 19
Excellent open space facility and experienced teachers. Our boys were doing once a week and saw lot of improvement so started extra lesson a week and got special sibling discount so cant complain 🤗
Simon Tan
09:07 26 Apr 19
Great place to learn swimming. Clean facility with small class size so can't complain. Lots of open space and excellent kids play area. A+++
Nick Lewendal
06:21 16 Apr 19
A brand new venue in a convenient location, very excited to visit on open day. The place looks absolutely amazing!! And the staff are very friendly and helpful.
Ashleigh McPhee
06:13 13 Mar 19
Great place, can't wait for it to open 👌
AbdulRauf Maniar
10:12 10 Mar 19

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